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8-Track to CDs

Do you have an 8 track cassette you want digitally converted to CD.  

Nuline Scans will transfer your 8-track cassette to a custom CD. Each track is edited manually, named and individually normalized. The finished product will sound better than the original cassette recording and you can enjoy it with the rest of your CD collection or mp3 library!

Each CD will have separate tracks for each song just like professional CDs! Album title and each song track will be named and ready to be ripped to MP3. 

We utilize the latest software and hardware to remaster your 8-track cassette. Tape using. In our unique multi-step process: digitizing, surface noise removal, click/pop removal, editing, normalizing and track naming are each separate steps prior to creating your CD.

Listen to the Digital Audio File Before You Pay

Once we transfer your 8-track cassette tape you'll be able to review them online delete the ones you don't want. Simply don’t pay for the ones you don't want

Save Your Digital File For a Lifetime

We will save the digital audio files on and offline for life. If you ever need your file there is a small charge for creating a new CD.

Discount for military and first responders