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Creating a Photo Slideshow

NULINE Scans, located in College Point, New York, can create you a digital photo slideshow—complete with the DVD. Customers will first send slides and negatives to us. After we've received the images, we scan them and transport them to DVDs. The final discs are then shipped back with your pictures. Should you want to return your disc for any reason, we will also pay any return postage for you.

Slideshow Movies

This is a great way to watch old slides in a convenient, modern format. Our imaging experts scan your slides and negatives perfectly to showcase your special photos with crisp, digital clarity. It's just like watching a movie, complete with a menu screen and everything!

See your favorite moments like never before, all using a simple DVD player—or another device that plays DVDs. This is a great way to share your pictures with friends or family, and the DVDs make the perfect sentimental gift. The DVD creation service includes up to 500 slides on each DVD. Anything up to 500 slides costs $25.00, and if more room is needed, additional DVDs are just $9.95.

Discount for military and first responders