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Scanning Negatives Affordably For All Film Formats

Nuline Scans offers scanning services of all types of film formats onto a DVD and can also provide you with a slide show so you can have your images played on your DVD player.

High-Quality Scanned Photo

Negative Slide Scanning

Choose our company when it comes time to scanning your negatives as there is no better way to get old photos into the digital age, at a high resolution, than with us.

Save your old negatives from fading and wearing out with this new, modernized format. Included with our negative scanning services is a DVD with all of the images on it (not a slideshow).

We have the lowest prices with unbeatable quality.

For 35mm the cost is $0.59 per image at 2,000 Dots per inch (DPI), and at 4,000 DPI, the cost is $0.69 per image. Additional DVDs can be used, if needed, for another $9.95. For 110/126/127/Disc Negative (13mmx17mm/1”x1”/1.5”x1.5”) film the cost is $1.29 per image at 2,000 Dots per inch (DPI), and at 4,000 DPI, the cost is $1.49 per image For medium format film 120/220 (2.4”x1.6”/2”x2”/2.4x3.5”) the cost is $4.50 per image at 2,000 Dots per inch (DPI), and at 4,000 DPI, the cost is $5.25 per image

For large format film (3”x5”/4”x5”) the cost is $7.00 per image at 2,000 Dots per inch (DPI), and at 4,000 DPI, the cost is $8.00 per image or for 8”x10” the cost is $12.00 per image at 2,000 Dots per inch (DPI), and at 4,000 DPI, the cost is $14.50 per image

We Can also scan your images in .TIFF format for an additional .20 per image.

Your negatives are some of the most precious things you have. They're actually much more precious than prints of the same image, since the negatives will usually produce much better scans.

When you send your negatives to a negative slide scanning service, you expect them to be treated carefully. At Nuline Scans, we understand that. Negatives require extremely gentle handling, and even something as simple as identifying the right side to scan takes a trained touch.

All negatives are run through a comprehensive slide scanning correction process.

Each single negative you send us, frame by frame, is examined by a highly trained technician.

That's why we've designed our digital scanning service from the ground up around the idea of a technician individually processing and correcting your images as needed. You don't have to make a hard choice between being able to afford to preserve all your memories, and being able to preserve them well. At Nuline Scans, you can do both.

We also offer free local pickup and delivery of your items, if you're not local we will send you a USPS label to your email address. Simply pack up you slides in a box and attach the lable to your package and drop it off to your local post office. It’s that simple.

It’s that simple and remember we offer affordable pricing at unbeatable service.

Offering a 20% discount to first time customers enter the promo code 20%off when placing your order. 

The best negative scanning service

You get the best negative scanning available because we use the best professional Nikon scanner available.

We're so sure you'll be thrilled with our services and the quality of your newly digitized slides that we guarantee it.

All of our negative scans include these standard features:

check mark Professional Nikon Scanners (Because the best scans start with the best scanner!) check mark Each slide is treated with compressed air to remove loose debris
check mark Digital ICE - detects, analyzes, and automatically compensates for scratches and dust check mark Digital ROC - digitally restores for faded colors in old film
check mark Digital GEM - automatically corrects for film grain, smoothing pictures taken with high-speed film check mark Digital DEE - reveals details in shadows of backlit and underexposed shots and increases contrast in “washed-out” areas of highlights to produce natural-looking exposure
check mark Rotation of the digitized image to its proper orientation check mark Quality Review of Each and Every Slide We Scan

View your files before you pay.

Once we scan your negatives you'll be able to review them online delete the ones you don't want. Simply don’t pay for the ones you don't want.

This saves you the time and frustration of looking through all of your photos to decide what is worth sending in to scan, just send your entire collection and you can delete the ones you don't want!

Save your precious moments for a lifetime.

We will store your scanned images on and offline for life. At anytime you need a copy of your scanned images we can create a DVD for a small charge.

Discount for military and first responders