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Preserving Memories

Preserve your lasting memories by giving your photos the treatment they deserve with Nuline Scans photo scanning service.
All our skilled technician will review each photo before scanning to assess the photograph to ensure a high quality scanned image. They then scan each photo by hand, one by one.

We make it fast, easy and inexpensive to convert your old photos to digital pictures. With Nuline Scans you get excellent quality at low prices.

Family Portrait

Photo Scanning

At 300 Dots per inch (DPI), the cost is $0.59 per photo. At 600 DPI, it is $0.69 per photo. Additional DVDs can be used, if needed, for another $9.95.

We don't outsource our photo scanning services all scanning is done in house in the USA by professional te4chnicians in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you will receive a product that is up to your standards or you don’t pay! We think you’ll agree that going digital has never been easier.

With our Fast Turn Around Times we usually process orders within 5-7 days.

Quality Customer Service

The Best Technicians in the Business!

Nuline Scans can scan your images to TIFF for a small charge. TIFF vs JPEG TIFF produces larger files, which means they take longer to process and use but result in higher-quality images.

We also offer free local pickup and delivery of your items, if you're not local we will send you a USPS label to your email address. Simply pack up you slides in a box and attach the lable to your package and drop it off to your local post office. It’s that simple.

We offer affordable pricing at unbeatable service also offering a 20% discount to first time customers by simply entering the promo code 20%off when placing your order.

View your files before you pay.

Once we scan your photos you'll be able to review them online and delete the ones you don't want. Simply don’t pay for the ones you don't want.

This saves you the time and frustration of looking through all of your photos to decide what is worth sending in to scan, just send your entire collection and you can delete the ones you don't want!

Save your precious moments for a lifetime.

We will store your scanned images on and offline for life. At anytime you need a copy of your scanned images we can create a DVD for a small charge.

Discount for military and first responders